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Biorisk Certification: The Gold Standard for Clean and Safe

By Mike Woodson, Director of Sales, Quality Control and Assurance

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways, especially in the cleaning industry. Tasked with keeping the virus at bay, professional cleaning companies like Sunshine Cleaning Systems have taken bold steps to stay current on the latest and most effective standards.

Much like the LEED certification is the gold standard for green buildings, completion of the GBAC STARTM Accreditation is today’s seal of approval for facilities following strict cleaning and disinfection procedures for handling infectious disease outbreaks. Created by the worldwide cleaning industry association (ISSA), the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) offers training certifications to cleaning professionals as well as an accreditation for facilities (, which requires completion of the Accreditation Fundamentals Online Course: Cleaning and Disinfection Principles.

Members of Fort Lauderdale-based Sunshine Cleaning Systems’ top management team have completed the rigorous GBAC fundamentals course, which is required at Sunshine. The training also gives us the credentials to assist any facility in securing the GBAC STAR™ Accreditation. The program establishes specific guidelines to assist facilities in their cleaning, disinfecting and infectious disease prevention protocols. The company’s headquarters facility located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida is becoming a GBAC STARTM Accredited building.

We have fully embraced the GBAC fundamentals and require all managers in the operations, sales, quality control and assurance departments to complete the course. The COVID-19 crisis has moved our entire industry to create consistent and accepted procedures to more effectively control risks associated with infectious agents.

The 20-part STAR program includes a facility commitment statement, emergency preparedness and response, facility infection disease prevention practices, a worker health program, and audits and inspections. As the GBAC website states: “in order to minimize or eliminate the risk of the spread and contamination of infectious diseases, the facility needs to address its in-house requirements (staff) as well as the needs of customers, clients and visitors.”

In addition to infectious disease situations, the GBAC helps organizations and businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from other biological threats, biohazard situations and real-time crises.

Even before the pandemic, Sunshine led the industry in electro-static spraying and comprehensive disinfection services. The company’s signature Hygienic Clean program offers customers three levels of service, all of which incorporate EPA- and CDC-approved disinfectants:

Level one, which is important when a contamination is confirmed, includes:

  • A site assessment with a qualified specialist
  • Pre-cleaning of all surfaces
  • A full forensic disinfection wipe-down
  • Double rounds of Enviroguard Electrostatic Sprayer
  • A written post contamination prevention operating plan

Level two, aimed at virus prevention and is a great option for businesses reopening or needing a thorough cleaning. The service includes:

  • A site assessment with a qualified specialist
  • Pre-cleaning of all surfaces
  • A full disinfection wipe-down and concentrated cleaning of all high touch points
  • Disinfecting with Enviroguard Electrostatic Sprayer

Level three is the most comprehensive disinfection and sanitizing service for Covid-19 cleaning available at Sunshine.

These services have been proven solutions for a wide range of locations, ranging from government buildings and public spaces to educational institutions and office spaces.