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Facial Recognition Technology at Sunshine Creates Convenience and Efficiencies

By Stalin Florida, Sunshine Cleaning Systems Project Manager

Technology has transformed nearly every area of our lives, and at Sunshine Cleaning Systems technology is creating efficiencies for staff, operations and customers.

A commercial and residential cleaning and disinfecting company since 1976, Sunshine has installed the latest in facial recognition technology for its more 250 employees working at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The technology is being install as well at Broward College with plans for companywide implementation by early 2021.

The state-of-art mobile biometrics by Findd allows workers to log their time via their own mobile devices, eliminating traditional in-person clock-in equipment that is often unreliable and not as secure. Geofencing also allows managers to better coordinate teamwork by knowing exactly where each staff member is at all times. The facial recognition and GPS technology provides an added layer of security, ensuring that only screened employees gain access to the airport and the whereabouts of each person is known at all times.

For our employees, it’s as easy to use as taking a ‘selfie’ and for me, I can better ensure that employees can take care of customer needs more quickly by knowing everyone’s location at all times.

Findd, a Utah-based software firm, says this advanced mobile facial recognition and time labor management system helps to eliminate fraud and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine where each member of the team is at all times. “No need to learn how to use clunky, proprietary hardware that doesn’t work as well as a tablet or the phone in your employee’s pocket,” states the website.

The technology uses 3D microlocations and GPS to knows exactly where employees are. The ‘where’ is recorded as part of every biometric record and with 3D microlocation to allow for pinpoint accuracy every time, all through mobile devices.

One feature the technology also has available ties each employee’s individual duties for each shift, requiring them to complete all required tasks before punching out from work. This helps

each person as well as supervisors keep more accurate track of each customer’s needs. Even airline pilots and surgeons use simple checklists to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Sophisticated bird’s eye maps arm our onsite supervisors with the ability to know exactly where every staff member is at all times, allowing quick and easy shifts in personnel if and when realignment is needed.

Founded in 2016, the leadership at Findd founded the firm on a simple premise: “to build technology that helps workers get better at their jobs. In short, we feel a connection with people who work hard.”

This passion for developing technology that helps our staff do a better job resonated with us at Sunshine and made them an obvious choice.

They understand that our hard-working team represents “the backbone of so much of what many of us take for granted every day” and they in turn worked hard to develop critical technology that helps us better serve our customers every day.

The team at Findd believes that “technology should be built with the worker as the #1 priority,” and as a result, have created “simple yet powerful mobile technologies focused on maximizing a worker’s potential.”

Thanks to their discoveries, the team at Sunshine is making every day brighter for our customers.

About Sunshine Cleaning Systems

Sunshine Cleaning Systems was founded in 1976 by Larry Calufetti, who passed away in 2016. He started the company as a window cleaning service, but quickly expanded to include a wide range of other commercial janitorial services.

Among its signature offerings are specialty escalator cleaning, disinfecting solutions, terrazzo floor care, window cleaning, pressure cleaning, as well as parking lot and roadway sweeping. The company earned with honors the Clean Industry Management Standards for Green Building Criteria (CIMS-GB), which is awarded by the cleaning industry’s global trade association, ISSA. Certified by an independent accredited assessor, this certification indicates that Sunshine has “successfully demonstrated a commitment to the delivery of environmentally preferable services.”

Sunshine has served the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for the past 34 years and provides disinfecting services for the TSA at the airport. Additional customers include the Cities of Pompano Beach, Tamarac, Delray Beach and West Palm Beach, and Manatee County. The company also provides janitorial services to the Broward County main library and government center in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Broward College, Nova Southeastern University as well as K-12 schools, restaurants, retailers, offices and athletic facilities.

In addition to the Fort Lauderdale headquarters, the privately held and woman-owned company has branch offices throughout Florida in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Sarasota; as well as in in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For more information visit or call 954-772-0884.