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Shine & Succeed

Shine & Succeed Program Builds Family Culture and Career Opportunity

By Krissy Mulder, Corporate Human Resources Director

From day one, each team member hired at Sunshine Cleaning Systems has the opportunity to map out a personal career path.  Whether someone begins as a restroom attendant or a district manager, all employees are treated as valued family members and provided with training and support throughout their journey at the company.  At the foundation of this approach is the Shine & Succeed program, an integrated training and career growth effort.

More than a dozen different programs are part of Shine & Succeed and center on such core areas as:

  • Hiring practices
  • Staff development and training
  • Management
  • Staff recognition
  • Career growth

Starting at the hiring phase, our human resources and facility site managers work together to identify the top candidates through pre-screening, phone interviews, and in-person interviews. Once an eligible candidate has been identified and the job offer has been extended, the background screening process, includes:

  • Drug Screening
  • Criminal Background Investigation
  • E-verify
  • Reference Check

Once on board, each new hire completes a thorough on-boarding process to ensure they are clear on specific job responsibilities, the company’s mission and values, and the on-going training and evaluation procedures. Training and development is multi-pronged and ongoing and includes the incorporation of safety into every training session, refresher training focused on building good habits and detailed instructions for each job so work processes are consistent and followed precisely.

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of Shine & Succeed is the Mentoring Program, which is designed to accelerate the employee development process. New hires receive a series of focused training sessions before they start work, with the goal to make sure all employees are well-trained and comfortable in their positions and environments.

Each new hire is paired with a manager, supervisor, or experienced employee to:

  • Continue training and development
  • Receive more detailed orientations on tasks and tools
  • Bridge relationships with customers and co-workers
  • Develop both mentees and mentors in such skills as:
    • Leadership
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Communications
    • Work Responsibility

Additional training covers the use of our eHub employee dashboard and other technology and our comprehensive benefits package. Sunshine’s values, such as customer service, respect, and teamwork, are reinforced and demonstrated on the job in order to build loyalty and team morale.

At the core of Shine & Succeed is engagement, which starts with recognition and appreciation.  Sunshine’s success depends on our most valued asset – our employees; therefore, we believe showing appreciation for their hard work strengthens their loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Examples of our recognition programs include:

  • Regular distribution of gift cards and certificates for excellence and high achievement
  • Pizza parties for crew members handling demanding jobs, unexpected customer requests or emergency work
  • Employee Security Awareness Program (ESAP)
  • Moose Award – awarded to individuals exhibiting the characteristics of dedication, customer service and pride, on which our company was founded.

Team building activities also are integral to engagement and are used to train managers on how to show respect and compassion for employees and to communicate effectively. We also provide on-going guidance regarding how to develop, praise and guide team members, celebrating both large and small wins along the way.  Traditional activities such as pot-luck meals, raffles, impromptu parties, birthdays, and celebrations go a long way at Sunshine to reinforce our family-centric culture.

All of the components of Shine & Succeed connect to create a high level of trust, loyalty and pride between the company and our team members. We know that cultivating mutual respect creates a stronger team because we’ve been using these strategies for decades. Together, with all of our employees at Sunshine, we are a united force striving every day to deliver excellent services to our customers.

Pride in our work is a characteristic we all share at Sunshine Cleaning Systems.