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Spotless and Sparkling Windows Require Special Treatment

Sunshine Cleaning uses a state-of-the-art deionized water purification system

The Sunshine Cleaning System’s team has found a better and safer way to make windows spot-free and sparkling clean. The traditional window cleaning process of using dangerous ladders, lifts and toxic cleaners has been replaced by a state-of-the-art approach that turns tap water into pure deionized water and a pole system that allows workers to stay safely on the ground.

Deionization (DI) is an effective water filtration process for producing highly purified water on demand. It’s commonly used for aquariums. All ionized minerals and salts are removed from the water, and the resulting purified water actually works to attract dirt and grime, leaving windows free of runs, drips and streaks. The chemical-free system is better for the environment and safer to use.

The science behind the process works much like the positive charge of a magnet. When total dissolved solids (TDS) are removed using ion exchange resins, the electric charge of the ions is controlled. DI resins attract non-water ions and replace them with water ions, producing a more purified water.

Sunshine team members carefully assess the needs of each individual job and use the most suitable equipment. The pole devices, for example, can reach up to four stories without the use of a ladder and allow workers to safely spray the windows from the ground level. Debris is quickly and safely removed, and the windows dry naturally with zero streaking. The poles also allow workers to brush and clean the window frames while the glass is being cleaned.

If structures are higher than four stories, mechanical lifts can be used to get workers safely to higher locations. Sunshine still uses the traditional mop and squeegee daily when stubborn hard water stains require some old fashion elbow grease, as well as to effectively clean interior windows. Strong chemicals, however, are never used by Sunshine, a company committed to the use of green friendly materials in all phases of cleaning.

Regular professional window cleaning is especially important for properties located on or near the ocean because they are prone to salt and insect buildup and need to remove corrosive substances regularly to protect expensive window casings.

Residential and commercial customers alike rave about Sunshine’s window cleaning service. Here are just a few customer comments:

“My husband, John, and I have used Sunshine Cleaning for our home for years. I don’t know of a more professional, joyful and thorough group of people. When they come out to our home, every part of their team is kind, quick and excellent. They do our windows inside and out, two stories to perfection as well as coordinate the pressure cleaning. We HIGHLY recommend them for your home or business needs!”

  • Lynn Offerdahl, Owner, Offerdahl’s Off-The-Grill

“Great company, very attentive to your needs. I have been using them on my property for over seven years for window cleaning.”

  • Ana Torres, Property Manager, Stiles Corp.

“We took over the existing service agreement of Sunshine Cleaning from the previous owners of our building eight years ago and gladly kept them since then. From the management team to their housekeeping service and window cleaning team, we have been well taken care of through the years.

“Everyone is professional, courteous, trustworthy, pleasant to work with and they have always been very accommodating to any special requests we have put upon them. We appreciate their many years of service.”

  • Carol Belrose, Property Manager, B & C Real Estate Holdings LLC