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Sunshine Cleaning’s Shine & Succeed Program Reflects a Commitment to Team Growth and Training

By Krissy Mulder, Human Resources Director.

Sunshine Cleaning Systems, LLC. has been in the commercial cleaning business since 1976. Since then, we have hired and managed thousands of team members. That experience has led to the development of our unique and proven Shine & Succeed program, an integrated training and career growth effort that touches each team member from day one. Our goal is to ensure that each person we hire feels like a special member of the Sunshine family. All team members at every level participate in Shine & Succeed.

Our investment in staff through Shine & Succeed results in their higher commitment to our valued customers.

The benefits are vast and include:

• Higher quality service

• More qualified, loyal and conscientious employees

• Lower turnover

• Safer environments

More than a dozen different programs are part of Shine & Succeed and center on such core areas as:

• Hiring practices

• Staff development and training

• Management

• Staff recognition

• Career growth

Recruitment and Hiring

Sunshine begins with identifying the staffing needs of a contract, including the job requirements and specific desires of the client. Our corporate human resources (HR) team then develops a precise recruitment plan along with the local managers who will be responsible for the contract. They discuss job descriptions, skills, experience required, and local labor market and trends.

Screening and Selection Process

HR and the facility site managers work together to identify the top candidates by pre-screening each person, conducting phone interviews, and then scheduling in-person interviews to confidently select quality staff members. We are crystal clear with each candidate regarding our high standards and expectations.

Training and Development

Our more than four decades of experience clearly demonstrate the benefits of high-quality employee training and career development.

Research has proven repeatedly that well-trained employees feel more appreciated, are happier and do better work – a central tenet at Sunshine for the benefit of our customers.

Mentoring and Engagement

Our Shine & Succeed Mentoring Program accelerates the employee development process. New hires receive a series of focused training sessions before they start work, a proven process for ensuring their overall future success. Our goal is to make sure each employee is both well-trained and comfortable in their position and environment. Confidence and trust in Sunshine and the management team at that facility are also critical.

In addition to development benefits the mentee enjoys, our experience shows that new mentors who participate in the program often demonstrate newfound leadership skills, paving their way to advancement and greater responsibilities within the company.

Path to Success

All of the components of Shine & Succeed connect to create a high level of trust, loyalty and pride between the company and our team members. We know that cultivating mutual respect creates a stronger team because we’ve been using these strategies for decades. Together, with all of our employees at Sunshine, we are a united force striving every day to deliver excellent services to our customers. Pride in our work is a characteristic we all share at Sunshine Cleaning Systems.