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Sunshine Floor Experts Care for Rainbow’s End at Fort Lauderdale Airport

By Derek Auckland, Florida Director of Operations

“Rainbow’s End is a meditation on distances traveled and the larger human journey. It is inspired by the beauty of South Florida and the writing of John Steinbeck and Loren Eiseley.”

In 2016, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport decided to remove tired and worn carpet with new flooring. They commissioned artists David Griggs and Scott Parsons to create a representation of South Florida’s unique flora, fauna and landscape. Anyone who has traveled through the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport can’t help but marvel at the intricate terrazzo floor mosaic they created. To maintain this work of beauty, however, the 24-color, 80,000-square-foot epoxy terrazzo floor in Terminal 3 and Concourses E and F demands constant attention and care by the flooring experts at Sunshine Cleaning Systems. Throughout the entire airport, Sunshine cleans and polishes more than 900,000 square foot of flooring.

Of course, as in any commercial facility, the cleanliness and appearance of the floors contribute to the quality of any visitor’s first impression. To ensure that this special floor work of art is properly maintained, and airport visitors continue to enjoy the scenes below their feet, the Sunshine crew follows a diligent schedule that goes beyond simple cleaning. The glistening patterns and variety of materials used to create this floor also require a periodic high-tech grinding and polishing process.

The grinding and polishing method preserves the floor’s lustrous high gloss appearance for many years. Similar to the fine sanding process used to transform wood furniture, the initial grinding process removes old dirt and coatings. Next, two progressively finer grinds create a smooth surface. Two more finer grinding stages help to further hone the surface.

Finally, after the floor is treated with a high-quality stone protector, the polishing stage commences. The polishing creates a long-lasting and durable, high gloss finish that can handle the heavy traffic of a busy international airport.

Thanks to the hard work of our Sunshine team members, travelers can experience what the artists intended.

“To truly see around you, one must be humbled by the beauty in the smallest of things,” the artists write, “and yet be reminded of one’s place in the universe by contemplating the vast distances and scale of the cosmos. We have chosen to include both the stars and starfish which John Steinbeck wrote about from his journey.”

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