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Sunshine Team Member at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Saves the Day

Photo (l to r): Sunshine CEO Laura Coenen, ESAP Award Recipient Carries Desire, and Project Manager Alva Ellis

ESAP Award Presented to Carries Desire

Sunshine employees in all roles complete intense training so that they may help spot potentially dangerous situations, and in many cases, save the day for weary travelers. The Employee Security and Awareness Program (ESAP) is provided to every Sunshine employee, and as a result, has helped to head off would-be tragedies, return lost valuables and comfort those in need.

Recently, for example, Carries Desire, who works on the second shift at the airport, proved the value of this training. As a general cleaner who ensures restrooms remain spotless, he also carefully polices his area of responsibility. When he spotted a purse on a chair in the passenger area, he immediately alerted his supervisor, who contacted airport control. They in turn summoned a Broward Sheriff to investigate. The police discovered $2,000 in cash inside the purse, and fortunately, the money and purse were returned to the owner.

Desire hails from Haiti, where he retired as Assistant Director of Banque Nationale de Credit. He has a strong background as a financial crimes investigator specializing in forensics accounting.

That background, together with his Sunshine training, certainly came in handy with his high alert vision and quick reaction time. He was presented with an ESAP Award for his heroic efforts and for following the protocols he was taught in training.

“It is an absolute honor and pleasure to be part of the Sunshine team,” he said. “I feel like I’ve grown in so many ways during the time I’ve been here.”

“Kudos to Carries for demonstrating the value of our ESAP training and being an alert and conscientious team member,” said Alva Ellis, Desire’s supervisor. “Sunshine is better and strong thanks to employees like him.”

In previous incidents, Sunshine restroom attendants have discovered guns in the trash, reconnected lost children with their guardians or spotted suspicious activity. The instructor-led training is presented during orientation and repeated periodically to keep staff refreshed on the procedures and policies. The importance of using discretion and deferring specific actions to authorities and supervisors is emphasized throughout the training.

First and foremost, all workers are instructed to have their official badge or identification clearly visible at all times. During the training, videos and photograph examples are used to help staff spot anything that looks suspicious or out of place, person or thing, including packages, bags or vehicles. At each location, staff members are taught to become familiar with all emergency procedures, alarm and exit locations and any evacuation protocols, and to keep

emergency numbers in easy access at all times. The universal “Keep Calm, Call 911” messaging is incorporated into the training.

Another important aspect of the ESAP training is the review of “Red Flag” indications. This education allows team members to be able to detect warning signs, including in co-workers, such as changes in behavior patterns, disrespect of authority, confusion or forgetfulness, or decline in personal hygiene. In addition, ESAP instructions include instructions on how to handle active shooter situations as well as human trafficking awareness and response.

In all instances, workers are instructed to be careful and confidential, to avoid getting directly involved but to report any worrisome circumstances to their supervisors or human resources representatives. Sunshine has a detailed procedure for staff members to follow when reporting sensitive information.

The Sunshine team has demonstrated many times the value of training employees to serve as eyes and ears and critical courses of information. Their observations have and will continue to help provide safer environments for our customers and their staff and clients.