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Supporting the Carolinas since 2010

According to Sunshine Operations Manager Derek Auckland, the Carolinas team is responsible for creating a positive impression for visitors to the Charlotte International Airport (CLT). Ensuring that a dozen parking lots and support facilities are free of debris and that all airport roadways and front entrances are sparkling clean results in a great experience for anyone arriving at this large regional hub airport.

This initial impression is particularly important while CLT completes a large expansion project and nears its pre-pandemic passenger load levels of serving 50 million annually. While the CLT crews work to complete the massive terminal construction project, Sunshine workers are extra diligent during this chaotic phase to present travelers with a safe, clean, and welcoming environment.

“Our team in the Carolinas area works hard behind the scenes because we understand how the small details make a huge different,” he said.

The Carolina Sunshine team has worked for the Charlotte International Airport, the sixth largest in the country, for 12 years, and most recently took on care of the new signature terrazzo flooring created by the famed David G. Allen company, known for their intricate and artistic terrazzo creations. The company has installed flooring at another Sunshine client, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

According to the company website, the founder, “an exceptionally skilled craftsman in the masonry arts, was often called on to perform the most difficult, challenging, and complex projects. His commitment to excellent quality and ethical business practices quickly drove his small company to be the preferred tile, marble, and terrazzo company in the region.”

This showpiece flooring requires the unique care that only decades of experience can deliver. The team at Sunshine cares for more than 1.5 million square feet of terrazzo flooring daily. Proper maintenance is essential for concrete and terrazzo flooring to remain attractive and have a long life. The specialists at Sunshine understand how to handle the delicate stages of care required for Terrazzo, including the grinding and polishing of floors to a lustrous high gloss appearance that lasts, using the latest equipment and technology.

The diamond grinding process begins with an initial rough grind followed by two progressively finer grinds that refine the rough floor to a flat smooth surface. The next stage includes two more progressively finer grinds to hone the surface. The floor is then treated with a stone protector to prepare for final polishing, which creates a durable, high gloss durable finish.

Other Carolina customers include the South Piedmont Community College, Columbia Metropolitan Airport, Wilson Air, the City of Charlotte, Spectrum Center of Charlotte and the Charlotte Convention Center.