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Green Cleaning is Good For Your Business

Editorial note: Thank you, Pritchard Industries, for allowing us to borrow excerpts from this blog.

Individuals and companies today are more aware of and concerned about environmental impacts and are looking for ways to improve their footprints. Business owner, particularly, are eager to learn new ways to transition to more eco-friendly

practices. Green commercial cleaning and knowing the benefits of green cleaning for businesses is the perfect place to start.

What is green cleaning?

It’s the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic, or biodegradable solutions for cleaning both indoor and outdoor spaces. Green cleaning also emphasizes waste reduction, water conservation, and sustainable products.

In the interest of hygiene and sterility, many businesses often use common cleaning chemicals to remove bacteria and germs. These harsh cleaning products can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. When washed down drains, they can also damage the environment and delicate ecosystems outdoors.

In contrast, green cleaners have no toxic chemicals and are safe for people and the environment. New technologies are changing the future of cleaning and green products can completely eliminate bacteria and germs with none of the dangers of chemical products. Here are some of the most exciting benefits of green cleaning for businesses.

Benefits of Commercial Green Cleaning Products

First and foremost, switching to non-toxic cleaning products will minimize the harmful byproducts a business puts into the atmosphere. The benefits include preserving the local ecosystem, conserving natural resources, and lowering the carbon footprint. Green cleaning products don’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that reduce air quality and they are quickly biodegradable. This means businesses can improve the air quality inside their operations as well as the impact on the local ecosystem.

Offer Customers and Employees a Healthier Commercial Space

By switching to green cleaning practices, a business can improve the indoor air quality of their facility while reducing the exposure of staff and patrons to the harmful chemicals in many standard cleaning products. This healthier business environment will lead to increased employee productivity and improved customer safety. Sharing information about new green cleaning practices could even help grown clients, as people with children, vulnerable relatives, and pets are more likely to feel safe.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

More and more, consumers want to support organizations with values that align with their own. This means many current and potential customers are favoring sustainable companies that prioritize eco-friendliness. When a business brands itself as one of those companies, it is set apart from competitors, and may attract and retain more customers, thereby increasing profits.

Extend the Life and Quality of Your Property

The toxic cleaning chemicals found in many traditional cleaning products are not just harmful to people, but also cause deterioration and damage to a facility. Harsh chemicals in cleaning products can cause colors to fade and some materials to break down. With green cleaning products, office furniture, equipment, and even floors retain their quality longer. Avoiding the replacement of these items as frequently, can save time and money.

Sustainable Professional Cleaning Services

Employees deserve a safe, clean place to work, and your business partners and clients demand the cleanest environment possible. Our cleaning services deliver by providing you with a spotless facility using health-tested products that keep your environment safe. After cleaning we can apply a lasting barrier of protection, with an anti-microbial coating. From windows to floors and high-touch spaces, our services are designed to meet your cleaning and sanitation needs inside and out. Our timely workflow helps you retain your productivity or even improve it by creating a healthier environment. Your organization reaps the benefits of a proven clean with quality control methods documented for a proven clean.

Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Products

As recipients of the Cleaning Industry Management – Green Building (CIMS-GB) Standard Certification with Honors, the team at Sunshine chooses cleaning products based on their quality AND their adherence to EPA guidelines. Additionally, we practice all LEED certification requirements, are proud members of the US Green Building Council, and Green Seal certified. Our teams use only green commercial cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable. These products are safe to use in any environment and guaranteed to be effective with stringent quality control.

Green cleaning provides businesses with a safe and healthy environment by using eco-friendly commercial cleaners and evolving technology to deep clean buildings without the use of harsh chemicals. We make it our responsibility at Sunshine to care for both your business’s internal and external environment. All of our cleaning products and methods adhere as closely as possible to EPA guidelines, so we can offer your business the same level of sustainability that we strive for ourselves.