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Sunshine Teams Members Shine, Succeed and Stay

Longevity is a Source of Pride at Company

According to a 2019 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall turnover rate for the janitorial and building cleaning services industry was approximately 200%, an issue that has only worsened since the pandemic. At Sunshine, however, many employees boast long tenures. According to Sunshine CEO Laura Coenen, the overall Sunshine 2023 turnover rate is only 18.98%. To date, I78 Sunshine staffers have been with the company 20 years or more, nine of those with 30 or more years of work history at Sunshine. One hundred and seventeen employees have worked at the company between 9 and 19 years.

Sunshine’s Shine & Succeed program helps to keep employees engaged and moving forward in their jobs. From day one, each team member has the opportunity to map out a personal career path. Whether someone begins as a restroom attendant or a district manager, all employees are treated as valued family members and provided with training and support throughout their journey at the company.

The on-boarding process ensures that all staff members are clear on specific job responsibilities, the company’s mission and values, and the on-going training and evaluation procedures.

More than a dozen different programs are part of Shine & Succeed and center on such core areas as hiring practices, staff development and training, leadership and management workshops, staff recognition, and personalized career growth. Safety is woven into every training session with refresher training focused on building good habits and detailed instructions for each job so work processes are consistent and followed precisely.

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of Shine & Succeed is the mentoring program, which is designed to accelerate the employee development process. New hires receive a series of focused training sessions before starting work, with the goal to make sure all employees are well-trained and comfortable in their positions and environments.

At the core of Shine & Succeed is engagement, which starts with recognition and appreciation. “Sunshine’s success depends on our most valued asset – our employees; therefore, we believe showing appreciation for their hard work strengthens their loyalty and customer satisfaction,” said Coenen, whose brother Larry Calufetti founded Sunshine in 1976.

She added that in addition to the Shine & Succeed program, the longevity reflects the family culture that has remained strong throughout the company’s history. “We treat each employee with respect, kindest and appreciation,” she said. “We work hard to provide the kind of training, promotional opportunities and positive working environment that encourages them to stay for the long-term.

“Larry built the company by always putting the customer first and instilling these personal attributes in all of his employees: Be Honest, Be Nice, Be a Team Player, Be a Good Communicator, and Be Innovative.”