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Taking Care of Florida Cities

Featuring West Palm Beach and Delray Beach

The Cities of West Palm Beach and Delray Beach are among the largest and most popular locations in Palm Beach County and are at the core of Sunshine’s growing municipality business. Gregory Betancourt, who joined Sunshine last year as an area manager, supervises a team of nearly 50 employees who ensure important locations throughout each city remain sparkling clean every day.

“Our goal is to start a brand-new day at each location,” he explained. “We want to make sure it looks as if no one was ever there.”

In West Palm Beach, one of the three largest cities in South Florida with a population of more than 117,000, the Sunshine team provides janitorial services and night staff to the Mandel Public Library, City Hall, the Wastewater Plant and both the Police and Fire Department facilities.

“We don’t provide cleaning services,” stressed Betancourt. “We take ownership and become an integral part of our customers’ teams. They rely on us like they would an inhouse staff.”

Once a small farming village, the City of Delray Beach now boasts almost 70,000 residents. Sunshine cares for the Fire and Police Departments, City Hall and the Wastewater Plant. The Delray Golf Club also is an important Sunshine customer.

According to Betancourt, caring for these critical city locations requires the team to access and care for such sensitive areas as the 911 dispatch area, jails, or water laboratories where water quality is assessed.

“Our jobs are very interesting,” he said, stressing that working for Sunshine for him means building strong relationships with both employees and customers.

“My staff sees me get my hands dirty and take pride in my work. I jump in when someone needs help or extra coverage. I even help haul away the garbage, if necessary,” he said. “As a result, they jump in to help me when I need it. This kind of trust builds loyalty during a time when hanging on to and finding staff is not easy.”

Betancourt got his start in the cleaning industry when he was a student in Newtown High School in Queens, New York working a summer job as a cleaner at the US Open to help support his single mom. His bilingual skills and strong work ethic earned him several promotions and launched his nearly 15-year career in the industry.

Betancourt joined Sunshine to meet his desire to work in a warm, team-oriented environment.

“Sunshine offers opportunity for career growth in a family-oriented culture,” he said. “Everyone works as a team and is treated with support, like a member of a family.”